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Louis Ciola, B.S. R.Hy
57 Thomas Jefferson Lane
Snyder, New York 14226-3806


During Hypnosis you are relaxed yet completely Aware.
Think and grow thin.

Call us today at 839-3632 for a free consultation.  Relief is just a phone call away.

Millions of Americans are now overweight.  Children, adults, older people, and middle aged are all affectedPeople often eat because of stress and to comfort themselves and many women suffer from what I call the "harassed housewife syndrome." 
     Please Click on the following link below to view a story Jodi Johnston of WGRZ- did on the "harassed housewife syndrome."
    Both men and women are so busy today that stress is a big factor in overweight. Other issues, can be boredom, binge eating and late night snacking, feeling compelled to clean your plate or finish leftovers.

After the first session you will start to see improvement right away!  You will make better choices in the food that you eat the the portion size as well.

Note: Before you use pills, surgery, radical diets or any other drastic weight loss measures you owe it to yourself to evaluate hypnosis to control obesity.

  • Lose your taste for fattening foods
  • Feel full almost shortly after you start eating
  • Lose your appetite for junk foods.
  • Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full. 
  • Learn to love fruits and vegetables.
  • Exercise to speed up your metabolism and love it!
  • Drink more fresh water and love it!
  • Eat a more natural diet free from salt, fats and refined sugars!
  • Treat your body with the respect it deserves!
"I Was Amazed At How Quickly the overeating went Away. The sound of your voice put an End to My Junk food Eating. I'm No Longer Hungry every waking moment. So Far I’ve Lost 26 Pounds In 3 Months!"
-- Patricia Lewandowski--

Louis Ciola has  helped people who want to lose five or ten pounds or those with very serious life threatening obesity who needed to lose  50, 80, 100 or even 200 pounds! 

Is This You?

You're older and you've tried many times to lose weight but nothing seems to work.

You are out of breath when you walk and you huff and puff where ever you go.  Maybe your blood pressure is up and your doctor wants you to lose this weight.  Maybe your knees are bad, or maybe you have a bad back and you are in pain all the time. 

You’ve Tried To Lose Weight Many times before and you are still fat!

You feel your are hopeless because everything you have tried hasn't worked!

Don't give up. Relief is just a phone call away!

At Amherst Hypnosis, the focus is on the positive.

Hypnosis is the secret and here's what we have to offer:

  • Improved health.
  • More energy
  • More vitality
  • More confidence in yourself!
  • Being able to wear clothes right off the rack
  • Fabulous appearance
  • Better exercise tolerance
  • A new outlook on life that you have never experienced in years

The soothing power of hypnosis let's your unconscious mind and your hidden potential.  Instead of working against yourself, you now are working with yourself.  Instead of being obsessed with food and your next meal, you will have a much more balanced attitude toward health and nutrition.

You will being to notice improvement right at the first session.  You will leave his office, refreshed, relaxed, confident and happy. 

You will feel better about yourself than you have ever felt in a long, long time. And that night, you will sleep better than you have ever slept in a long, long time!

If you can take a deep breath, focus on your arms and hands and let them become as heavy as lead,   you will be able to go into a deep hypnotic state and you will love it!

During the first hypnosis session Mr. Ciola's  soothing voice will guide you into a state of deep relaxation.. While you are in this deeply relaxed state, he will acquaint you with the hypnotic trance.  In this conscious trance state you will be given suggestions that will start the weight loss process.  Each visit after that will reinforce the suggestions and make them work better and better, stronger and stronger.  Your unconscious mind will start to readily accept these healthy weight loss suggestions and begin to let go the rebellious over eating ideas that started the overweight problem to begin with.

At Amherst Hypnosis you are treated like the special person that you are.  No one size fits all therapy here.

     You will be amazed when say "no thank you!" to that extra cookie, candy or other fattening snack.  Call us today for a free consultation or try one of our mini-sessions for just $50.   I am that confident that if you try us one time, you will absolutely love our hypnosis!

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Louis, B.S. R.Hy
57 Thomas Jefferson Lane
Amherst, New York 14226
certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists
established 1989

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toll free:
USA and Canada
All major credit cards accepted